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Proposed Conference Theme

Unpacking Renewable Energy Resources, Technology and Commercial Viability for Sustainable Development

Globally, more than 86% of energy is harnessed from conventional energy resources. These resources are coming from fossil fuels which are mined carbon from the ocean (oil and gas) and land (coal). Unfortunately, these resources have negative environmental effects such as poor air quality in different cities worldwide and contributing to global warming and harmful emissions.   

In Africa and regionally, there is a strong nexus between energy production and use. Modern energy access is still a challenge and much deprivation is observed in rural areas (UNIDO, 2010). This poses energy insecurity to many areas in Africa and the World in General. 

 Zanzibar is an Island Country in the united republic of Tanzania faces the energy production resources challenges. Currently, the island depends on its power from Tanzania's mainland is transmitted through the Submarine cable. Despite the existing energy security, Zanzibar is soon expected to demand a lot of electric power to embark its new development plan including strengthening the blue economic sector, which involves the construction of multi-function ports, fish industries, and tourism as speculated in the Vision 2050 of which its success depends much on reliable and affordable electric Power (Vision 2050). 

Evidence from researches show that there are windows of opportunities to undertake transformational change in the energy supply sector to meet economic and environmental objectives through Renewable Energy technologies and modernization of biomass and waste to energy to produce modern energy. 

Hence, The conference is geared to unpack knowledge, technologies and innovations that would be commercially viable for modem energy production from various resources available in the Island, Regions, and Africa in general. It is also expected to share experience in the legal and environmental framework aspect of managing various resources during the generation of electricity.


o   Waste To Energy Facilities: Economic Aspects, Legal Framework, Technologies, and Success stories

o   Solar and Wind Energy: Production economic, Social and environmental aspects, storage technologies, and Grid Interconnection facilities, Legal Framework

o   Tidal and Wave Energy: Economic, environment and Social aspects, technologies and innovations and legal framework aspects at the globe of blue economy.

o   Cross-cutting: ICT as an enabler and gender aspects in Renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies.