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Conference dates

The conference will be held for three days from Tuesday, December 07 To Thursday, December 09, 2021 in Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Submission Due

Submission Paper Deadline, Saturday, October 30, 2021


Dr. Efstratios Kalogirou (Ph.D.)

International WTE expert

Keynote speech title is: “Advancing Sustainable WTE worldwide : The case study for Zanzibar“.

Waste-to-Energy and Global Applications

Eng. Mohammed S. Said

From Ministry of Energy, Zanzibar

Keynote speech title is: “Potential and development in power generation using renewable
resources in Zanzibar“.

Welcome to 1st IRECAE 2021

Energy is a foundation stone of the modern industrial economy. It is a critical driver of economic growth, since many production and consumption activities involve energy as basic input. Global demand for energy is rapidly increasing, arising from population and economic growth, especially in emerging market economies, which will account for 90% of energy demand growth to 2035 (ECD, 2011).

This conference will bring together scholars, practitioners, industry, financial institutions, decisions, and policymakers working in the energy field to dialogue and share experiences in order to come up with recommendations on knowledge, technology, and innovations that will inform policy, decision-makers, and practitioners on the potential Renewable Energy Resources available for use in Zanzibar, in the framework of circular economy: an added value for the blue and green economy.


Call For Paper

The topical themes of the conference cover Unpacking Renewable Energy Resources, Technology and Commercial Viability for Sustainable Development.

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Vuga ministry of finance, behind Zanzibar High court, Zanzibar